What Would Halloween Be Without Electricity?

The buzzing and zapping of spooky gizmos like Van de Graaf generators, giant electrodes and lightning rods bring life to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle laboratory — and his monster from the slab. And, through conjured or coincidental lightning strikes, catastrophic electrical malfunctions, or electro-chemical combinations, superheroes like Captain Marvel, Flash, Thor, Magneto, Storm and Black Lightning were born.
While many Halloween tales and trappings have relied on highly imaginative uses of electricity’s awesome power, Indiana’s electric cooperatives remind Halloween revelers to make sure they understand where movies and myths end and where reality begins. 
“Remember what Spiderman said: ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’” notes Jon Elkins, vice president of safety, training and compliance at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to be safe around power. Taking safety shortcuts, or ignoring easy but important rules, or trying your luck teasing electrical equipment, can lead to tragic consequences.” 

Use the following tips for a safe and happy Halloween:

- Make sure your outdoor decorations only LOOK or SOUND spooky. Inspect each mechanical ghoul, ghost or goblin for cracked, frayed or bare wires. You don’t want them to really cause a shock or start a fire!

- Want to convert your yard or open garage into a haunted house? Don’t let it turn into a true-to-life horror story through electrical fires or hazards. Only use electrical items marked “for outdoor use.” Plug those decorations into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). 

- Halloween night is not the time to take a trip. Keep electric cords away from doorways and walkways, lest you or your trick-or-treaters trip and fall.

- Keep nails and staples away from light strings and extension cords. They can easily damage the cord’s insulation and expose the wires inside.

- When it’s time to hang up the costume and retire for the evening — or if you’re leaving home for a few hours — make sure you turn off your electrical decorations.


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