Advanced Meter FAQ


What is an advanced meter? 

Just as mobile phones, laptops and tablets continue to evolve as helpful information and communication tools, this advanced meter is the next evolution of the traditional electric meter. The advanced meter records energy consumption using digital technology and then securely transmits the data to Hendricks Power using two-way communication. This information also provides you detailed information to help you manage your energy use and save money.

Why is Hendricks Power installing an advanced technology meter?

Advanced meters will optimize our operational efficiency here at Hendricks Power, allowing enhanced outage (faster) detection. This can help to improve the restoration process when outages occur. Advanced meters are an important part of Hendricks Power’s plans to provide members with a stronger, smarter, more reliable electric system.

How is an advanced meter different from my current meter? What are the benefits?

The advanced meter provides enhanced outage detection – which can allow for a better response time and quicker repairs after an outage.

Are advanced meters accurate?

Yes, advanced meters are engineered and tested in a variety of conditions to ensure they can precisely report member energy usage. This advanced technology must adhere to accuracy guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). After installation, we continue to monitor meter accuracy and performance by conducting routine samples and/or periodic testing with certified test equipment.



What is Hendricks Power’s overall plan for installing advanced meters throughout its service area?

 Who is receiving an advanced meter?

Hendricks Power plans to install advanced meters for all members, both residential and commercial. Deployment will begin with approximately 2700 members in the Avon area, as a pilot program. 

Must I have an advanced meter installed?  

Yes, Hendricks Power is upgrading all its meters to advanced meters. Members cannot keep their current meter. Advanced technology meters provide you intelligent information to help you save energy and money. Smart meters are also an important part of Hendricks Power’s plans to provide members with a stronger, smarter, more reliable electric system.


Do I have to be home when my advanced meter gets installed?

You do not have to be home to receive your advanced meter. As long as an Aclara technician can safely access your meter, your current meter will be exchanged with an advanced meter. You will receive a door hanger to confirm that your new meter has been installed. If for some reason the technician cannot access your meter, a door hanger will be left requesting that you call to schedule an appointment for installation.

Do the meter installations occur only during business hours, or will installations occur in the evenings and/or weekends as well?

Installations occur Monday through Friday during normal business hours. There may, however, be cases when evening or weekend installations are necessary.

Will my service be disrupted during the upgrade?

Yes, brief electrical service interruption will occur during the meter upgrade. You may need to reset any digital clocks on appliances and electronics. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


I’m concerned about privacy. Is my information protected?

Yes. Protecting member information is a top priority for Hendricks Power. Member identifying information – such as names, addresses and account numbers– is not stored in the smart meter or transmitted across the network. The advanced meter sends only your energy consumption information and meter identification number to Hendricks Power.  Kilowatt-hour consumption information is transmitted at regular intervals from your smart meter through an encrypted network for billing and reliability purposes. This information is protected from the moment it is collected until the moment it is deleted.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please call (833) 917-0800.