What Would Halloween Be Without Electricity?

The buzzing and zapping of spooky gizmos like Van de Graaf generators, giant electrodes and lightning rods bring life to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle laboratory — and his monster from the slab. And, through conjured or coincidental lightning strikes, catastrophic electrical malfunctions, or electro-chemical combinations, superheroes like Captain Marvel, Flash, Thor, Magneto, Storm and Black Lightning were born.

DIYers: How Safe is Your Workshop?

Be sure to make these tips standard in your workshop:

- Inspect tools before using them

- Inspect cords and plugs for signs of wear

- Ensure cords aren't a tripping hazard

- Use the right tool for the job

- Use heavy-duty properly-rated extension cords without any damage

- Use a clamp to secure whatever you're working on

- Make sure your area is well-lit

- Wear the proper clothing and protection for the task

- Keep floors and areas as clean and dry as possible

Winter Storm Safety Tips

Indiana weather can be unpredictable, especially during the winter months. That’s why you should prepare for dangerous situations before a storm hits.

It is especially important to develop a plan for prolonged power outages during these harsh months. Heavy snows, freezing rain, and ice storms can all create electrical hazards.