Wednesday | April 28, 2021

Hendricks Power, along with Wabash Valley Power Alliance, is currently working on enhancements that will improve system reliability, increase capacity, and improve switching capability throughout the northwest portion of our service territory.
This project, known as the Jackson Township - Heritage Lake - Montclair (JHM) Project, involves building a new substation known as Jackson Township Substation in Putnam County and connecting it to the electrical grid by constructing two new 69 kV transmission lines, known as the North Line and South Line. The North Line will extend 6.8 miles from the existing Montclair 69 kV Substation in Hendricks County to the new Jackson Township Substation. The South Line will extend 8.4 miles from the existing Heritage Lake 69 kV Substation in Putnam County to include the new Jackson Substation.

This expansion will have automatic switching capability in the event of a transmission outage.  The project will also enable Hendricks Power to perform feeder switching without having to “blink” members.
Project planning began in 2017 and progressed to route selection design in 2018. Transmission and substation construction began in the fall of 2020 and is scheduled for completion in fall of 2021. Currently, the transmission line between Jackson and Montclair Substations is under construction, and the line between Jackson Township and Heritage Lake will begin later this spring. 
If you have any questions about this project or construction, please call 888-997-0766, visit, or email