2022 Annual Meeting Results

July 1-21, 2022, Hendricks Power Cooperative celebrated its 86th Annual Meeting by hosting its online hybrid board of directors’ election. Cooperative members were invited to vote online via their SmartHub account or during the Hendricks County 4-H Fair on Thursday, July 21st. Members who registered to vote received ten dollars in fair food vouchers and a chance to win one of five 500-dollar bill credits.

The Cooperative registered more than 1500 members through its voting period. Election results were announced at the annual meeting at the Hendricks Power Expo Hall at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds at 6:30 pm on Thursday, July 21. In addition to election results, the agenda also included cooperative updates, the notice of a new solar array project, and the announcement of the five 500-dollar bill credit recipients. 

Brent Shay was announced as the new Director in Area 1 along with incumbents Andy Lynch, Area 2, and Matt Hession, Area 3.

Shay and his wife Terri have been Hendricks Power members and Hendricks Co. residents for more than 37 years. Shay is currently a Sales Executive for Eby-Brown in Plainfield and participates in a variety of local organizations, including the Hendricks Co. Building Facilities Organization, Indiana Wholesale Distributors Association, along with Meals on Wheels and Active Grace Food Panty.

“Brent will be a valuable asset to the Hendricks Power Board of Directors and our members,” said Andy Lynch, President of the Board. “His professional experience combined with his passion for his community will aid in making informed Cooperative decisions.”

The five recipients of the 500-dollar bill credits were:
James Cramer, Coatesville

Dale Hughes, Brownsburg

Kevin Ruhs, Brownsburg

Heidi Spahn, Brownsburg

Robert Wilkins, Plainfield

Hendricks Power CEO, Greg Ternet, provided cooperative updates on growth and expansion, addressing infrastructure investments and equipment upgrades to increase reliability and outage response. He then spoke about a new solar array project in the Tilden area that is expected to be operational in June of 2023. e He also reminded members of the core values of a cooperative and of our mission to serve our member-owners.

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