Shift Your Power & Save

Smart Thermostat

In mid-May, Hendricks Power will launch a new Wi-Fi thermostat option as part of PowerShift, a program that offers rebates for residential members to shift their energy use to times when electricity is less expensive. The typical American family spends 20 percent of its budget on energy. As energy demand increases, such as peak times during extreme weather conditions, costs for power plants to produce electricity can rise dramatically. PowerShift can help you shift your energy use to lower-cost times helping everyone save energy and keep costs low. 
“PowerShift helps us to avoid the costs associated with building new power plants by minimizing the peak demand that is placed on the energy grid,” said Steve Hite, energy advisor at Hendricks Power. “We are committed to keeping our rates affordable, and PowerShift is a great resource to avoid unnecessary costs.”

Hendricks Power will offer a one-time $50 rebate to members who are accepted into the PowerShift Wi-Fi Thermostat Program. Members who participate also will receive an additional $25 annual payment for adding their Wi-Fi thermostat to the program. Members with eligible Wi-Fi thermostats already installed will immediately be eligible for the PowerShift program at launch and should receive a notification through their thermostat’s manufacturer’s notification platform. While most Wi-Fi thermostats will be eligible, there will be a few that are not; a complete list will be available when the program launches. 
PowerShift is designed to minimize disruption and will pre-cool the home prior to any load shifting events. Events will only take place between noon and 9 p.m. during the week; never on weekends or holidays. The load shifting signals will not harm the thermostat or your air conditioner system and will not collect individual data. More information will become available in the coming months.
“We offer several options so that residential members can participate in PowerShift in the way that they feel most comfortable,” Hite said. “Our new Wi-Fi thermostat program is one more way, and the thermostat rebate is a great incentive for people who have been interested in upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat.”
If you are interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat but aren't sure how to choose the best one for your home, contact our energy advisors at 317-745-5473.
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