Shedding Light on Solar

The solar power and renewable energy sectors have grown tremendously over the last ten years. With promises of lower energy bills, tax incentives, and increased property value, going solar is an attractive option for homeowners. Many homeowners can enjoy these benefits, but some companies take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Before signing a contract, here are a few considerations and questions to ask!  

- Is your installer certified?
Many national solar installers hire employees that aren't certified electricians or hold a NABCEP® (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners®) Certification. Many companies may also claim they are affiliated with a government entity or utility when they aren't. 

- Does it make sense? 
While leasing panels or taking advantage of financing may seem enticing, don't commit to these long-term contracts without consulting your utility first. Most residential solar arrays don't generate enough energy to sustain your household. Members will likely still require power from the grid and have a Hendricks Power bill each month. 

- Are you going to add a battery backup?
Many people don't realize that they have no way to store their energy without a battery backup. That means when you're generating the most energy during the day, many people are at work and unable to utilize the energy being generated. That also means during a power outage you can still be left in the dark.

- Have you compared quotes?
Like any other large investment, it's worth your time to compare quotes and get different opinions on what's right for your home.

- Talk to your utility! 
We encourage members to get all the facts on solar before signing any documents. Your utility is the most reliable source of information on how much you can expect to save on your energy bills and if solar makes sense for your property. Solar can be an excellent investment for many members, but it never hurts to get a second opinion.
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