Reduce Peak Usage with Smart Home Technology

New smart home tech can make saving energy easier with automation

Smart home technology has never been more accessible or affordable. The new time of use rate effective in April, and reflected in May's statements, makes home automation and energy conservation worth looking into.

With multiple options and tools, knowing which will help save energy most effectively can be tough. Here are a few of our Energy Advisor's recommendations on devices that offer the best return on energy savings. 

1. Smart Thermostats
Your HVAC unit is the largest single-user of energy in your home. Taking the time to install and program a smart thermostat is the most effective way to save energy. Our Advisors suggest installing a thermostat that is the same brand as your HVAC for best results. 

2. Smart Appliances
When it is time to upgrade your household appliances, take the guesswork out of the search and look for the ENERGY STAR rating. These appliances are the most energy efficient. Programmable and delay settings also come in handy!

3. Household Energy Monitors
If you are curious to see what electronics in your home are using the most energy and when, consider a home energy monitor. These helpful gadgets are installed in your electrical panel and provide an in-depth look at your home's usage for a detailed understanding. 

For personalized suggestions and assistance in implementing your smart home
technology, reach out to our Energy Advisors at (317) 745-5473 or visit our website. For more money-saving ideas and information about the rate update, please visit us online at As always, we are here to answer your questions and provide resources.


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