What is On Peak Demand?

Beginning in 2023, members can expect to see a new register line item on their monthly statements - but what is "On Peak Demand," and does it affect their balance?

In addition to the two register line items on bills members currently see, On and Off Peak, members can expect to see a new line item, On Peak Demand, beginning in 2023. There is no additional charge or fee(s) associated with this line item.

What is On Peak Demand?
On Peak Demand is a home's highest usage hour, from 5-8 pm on non-holiday weeknights, throughout the entire statement cycle. On Peak Demand may vary for each member and home. That also means that month-to-month, On Peak Demand time may change depending on weather and usage patterns. 

Why is On Peak Demand on my statement?
To continue providing affordable and reliable energy, Hendricks Power wants members to be able to monitor On Peak Demand usage. Purchasing and delivering power to members is most expensive from 5-8 pm on non-holiday weekdays, so lowering usage during these times helps keep rates affordable and avoids additional costly infrastructure expansion. 

How can I reduce my On Peak Demand?
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, conserving energy can be tough to consider. For most homes, 5-8 pm is a hectic time of cooking dinner, watching television, washing laundry, doing dishes, etc. This is also why purchasing power is more expensive during these times - nearly every home uses a lot of energy. Lowering your on-peak demand can mean making compromises, such as waiting until after 8 pm to take showers or do laundry, scheduling a delayed start on the dishwasher, or maybe changing the thermostat to a more conservative setting. 

Smart plugs and power strips, programmable thermostats, and other smart home technology can help make conservation easier. If you'd like to reduce or even out your energy load, please contact our Energy Advisors and schedule a FREE custom home energy audit or by phone at (317)745-5473.

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