October is National Cooperative Month

October is National Cooperative Month, so we wanted to remind members exactly what sets us apart from other electricity providers across central Indiana.

1. We’re a non-profit cooperative
Being a non-profit cooperative means all our income is invested back into our community. Other electricity providers can use their profits to benefit shareholders and investors.
2. You’re the Boss!
Our members each own a small part of the co-op. This also means that our members have a democratic voice within the organization.
3. We Have a Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is voted on by our members; that’s you! This means that you can vote on our board members and you are eligible to represent your area on our board and help make cooperative-wide decisions. 
4. We Make a Difference in our Community
Each year we give thousands of dollars back to our community. Food pantries, animal shelters, scholarships, youth camps, parades, car shows, theaters....the list of events and causes we support is continuously growing. 
5. We’re Your Neighbors
When you have a question or problem, and you call us, the person that answers your call lives right here in Hendricks County. We frequent the same grocery stores, our children may even attend the same school. We’re invested in making our members happy and resolving their issues because we’re your neighbors! 



Live Line Community Demonstration