Meet Nick: Our Newest Energy Advisor!

Meet Nick: Our Newest Energy Advisor!

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Nick Dombrosky is our newest edition here at Hendricks Power and he's here to serve our members in helping them stay energy efficient! Keep reading to learn a bit more about him!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself & your background?
A: I have been working with Energy Efficiency for 8 years now and come from the Home Performance industry. I am a Mechanical Engineer from Purdue and really love talking about energy! My wife and I recently welcomed a baby girl and we all really love being Hendricks County residents. Our two dogs are regulars at the Avon-Washington Township dog park and love playing disc golf with me.

Q: What is your favorite part of being an energy advisor?
What I love most about being an energy auditor is the opportunity to help people. Many of the energy audits we conduct are in response to high bills and our job is to figure out the cause. I enjoy being able to put our members at ease with our tools and knowledge to help them discover ongoing issues. I especially love the “ah ha!” moment on members’ faces when we find out exactly what the problem is – whether it’s air sealing, insulation, or even having a thermostat set wrong. Then, creating a plan with the homeowner to increase their efficiency gives them a lot of confidence.
A lot of members get really frustrated or confused with their bills and usage and I get to help people decipher and understand their home and how their bills are calculated. It’s nice to relieve people of the confusion! 

Q: What would you consider your efficiency specialty? 
I tend to lean toward analytics and data to help others understand the basics of usage, efficiency, and savings. Much of my experience deals with the home as a system and building science. If we are trying to track down an air leak, I bet I can find where it is and how to fix it! 

Q: If you had one tip for residents trying to be more energy efficient, what would it be? 
As an Avon local, one of my first recommendations would be to avoid Rockville Rd/SR 36 during rush hour at all costs! Getting stuck in traffic is an easy way to waste your time and energy! 
From a home efficiency stand point, your HVAC utilizes the most energy in your home, so making sure your have a smart or programmable thermostat is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to save money and energy. Just set it and forget it!