HPC and Electric Vehicles: Charging Ahead

Tesla Charging at HOC Charging Station
Monday | November 23, 2020

To spread awareness of Electric Vehicles (EVs), HPC begins video series and unveils its EV charging station

With countless models, extended ranges, and more accessible charging sources, electric vehicles (EVs) continue to increase their popularity in today’s world. To educate the community on the up-and-coming technology, HPC began the “Tesla Tour” video series.
The series will feature HPC Energy Advisors at public businesses and events with an all-electric Tesla Model S. The tour offers informal Q&A-style interviews focused on EV basics, including costs, charging, range, and much more.
“Our goal is to spread awareness about EVs in a fun way at places and events people are already visiting,” says Dana Cochran, Director of Marketing at HPC. “There’s a lot of confusion and misconception about EVs, and we want to take out the guesswork to get our members facts about whether or not EV ownership is feasible for their lifestyles.” 
The Tesla Tour has made two stops throughout the fall of 2020. On October 24th, it was featured at Beasley’s Orchard’s Fall Fest and on November 11th, at the Danville Chamber of Commerce Lunch. In addition to the video series, HPC has installed its own EV public charging station in its front parking lot, located at 86 N CR 500 E in Avon. The station is free for anyone to utilize. 
“We are so excited to bring a charging station to the community. We have been shocked at how many people have already utilized it,” says Steve Hite, Energy Advisor.
Users will need to download the ChargePoint app on their smartphones or order a free card after registering at www.chargepoint.com. By using the app or swiping their card, users will be able to access the level two dual charger. The app will also let users know if the charger is already in use and can add them to a waiting list. 
“I can’t believe it,” Hite says, “I look out the window in the morning and see a vehicle charging, and by lunch, there’s another one in its place. I didn’t predict the charger being as popular as it is. The use it’s getting lets me know there’s a lot more EV owners in the area than we realize, and that number is only going to grow.”

Follow the Tesla Tour, watch videos, and get your EV questions answered by following us on Facebook and checking our website! Do you have a great stop for the Tesla Tour? Email us at hpc@hendrickspower or call us at (317) 745-5473.