Gifts that Keep on Giving!

This holiday season, giving the gift of energy savings and a healthier planet means so much more. When you choose ENERGY-STAR certified electronics, appliances, and other products, your gift will have the latest features and save energy and money. It's a gift that does a world of good for your loved ones and the planet.
Here are our top three holiday gifts that will help save energy.
1. Smart Thermostats
These handy tools can be used in any home that has WiFi! Some thermostats offer geofencing or room sensors that can automatically adjust the temperature in your home when you're away. Many also feature fun integrations with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home that allow you to change your settings with your voice. 
Price Range: $60-250
2. Smart Plugs and Strips
Smart Plugs and strips offer custom settings to reduce phantom load, which saves energy in electronics that use energy, even when not in use. Certain models offer timer settings as well as apps with voice activation and on and off capabilities from your phone!
Price Range: $10-75
3. Sense Home Energy Monitor
Sense Energy Monitor is the most efficient and detailed way to see exactly how your home or business uses energy. It can detect specific appliances and devices in your home, when they're in use, and how much energy they use by identifying their unique electrical signals. It also offers a variety of integrations and voice activation features.
Price Range: $299
Don't forget! If you or your gift recipient need help choosing smart home technology or set-up assistance, our Energy Advisors will come to your home for free! Give us a call to schedule at (317) 745-5473 or visit our website,

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