Cruisin' Clean at Hendricks Power

Cruisin' Clean at Hendricks Power

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Smart and Clean Electric Vehicles Zooming Ahead in Popularity

To many of us, coming home and charging your car can seem like an abstract idea. Believe it or not, the Electric Vehicle (EV) era is coming more quickly than you’d think. 
With the increase of EV makes and models, longer ranges, and more attractive features, EVs are gaining popularity at an exponential rate. As of September, there are more than 1.3 million EVs on US roads. According to Forbes, the EV market is seeing a 25 percent average increase each year. As much as half of the 2019 EV sales are due to the Tesla Model 3 (see below). 


“With the popularity of EVs on the rise, I feel the time has come for our employees and members to beign exploring and gain a better understanding of how this new technology works,”Hendricks Power CEO, Greg Ternet said. “The technology within this car and its capabilities are very impressive.”
Ternet isn’t the only one to recognize the recent EV popularity. Senator John Crane, Avon, and his son Mark were quick to take a spin in our newest fleet vehicle. Crane seemed impressed with the car, stating “Test driving the new Tesla was quite an experience. The efficiency in design, combined with virtually unlimited technological possibilities, show where automotive travel is headed. Hendricks Power is helping to lead us into that future. As my son Mark said, ‘Dad, we need to get a Tesla!’”

EVs Biggest Benefits
- EVs are less expensive to operate
Charging an EV at home can be three to five times less expensive than gasoline or disel, depending on your rates. EVs don’t require regular maintenace like tradional vehicles - say goodbye to oil changes! The only maintenance required is refilling the windshield wiper fluid and replacing tires.
- EVs are Enviornmentally Friendly
That’s right, no tailpipe emissions! Yes, the power provider may produce emissions, but if your energy is sourced from renewable resources, your electricity is emission-free!
- Never go to the Gas Station Again
You can charge your EV at home , which means no more bothersome pumping gas in the cold, navigating to a gas station, or being late because of a fill up! Just pull right in to your garage and charge over night.
- Performance Benefits
Although it may be hard to believe, EVs provide stronger acceleration along with a significantly quieter and smoother ride. 
- Driving Range and Recharge Time
Depending on the model, EVs usually range from 80-300 miles on a full charge. The average American’s round-trip commute to work is less than 30 miles, which makes an EV a easy choice as a daily driver.

If you are interested in learning more about EVs and if one would be a good fit for you, visit