Appreciating our Lineworkers

Each year on Lineworker Appreciation Day, we like to acknowledge our dedicated and hardworking line crew for all they do for our community. Being a lineworker is not for the faint of heart, and they selflessly sacrifice each day to ensure our members have reliable electricity to power their lives. 

Lineworkers have a very dangerous job. They work around the clock, often in hazardous conditions, risking their lives. When storms roll through and bad weather wreaks havoc on our community, they are the first to brave the storm to ensure our members have electricity. 

As a cooperative, Hendricks Power is part of a large network of other cooperatives, and our team has been known to travel across the country to restore large-scale outages in areas that need a helping hand.

Our lineworkers work tirelessly on weekends, late nights, and even holidays to ensure our community has access to electricity. That also means sacrificing time away from their families and loved ones to ensure the greater good.

Thank you to all of our lineworkers across the nation for their service! 

Lineworkers working in snow